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About us

Skärgårdshotellet is a family owned hotel runned by Family Andersson. We usually say that when you enter Skärgårdshotellet you will actually come out. The atmosphere breathes tar and seaweed. You get a feeling of walking around in the archipelago.


Family Andersson

Skärgårdshotellet in Nynäshamn is a family owned hotel and runned by family Andersson together with our staff. Marita and Anders Andersson bought the hotel in 2006.


The Story About The Hotel

It all started with Järnvägshotellet / Nynäs krog which was one of Nynäshamn’s most famous landmarks and also a builing with a exciting history.


Contact us

Please contact us on +46 8 520-111 20 or on info@skargardshotellet.se


Find us

Just 40 minutes from Stockholms Central you’ll find Skärgårdshotellet in Nynäshamn. Choose between taking the train or follow the highway 73 south towards Nynäshamn.


Actions depending on covid-19

In order for you to feel safe with us, we have taken action below in accordance with advice and information from the authorities in connection with covid-19.


Job openings

We are passionate about giving our guests the best possible experience through first-class ambition and service. Do you want to join our team?

Fisherman Westman at Skärgårdshotellet

Skärgårdshotellet is centrally located in Nynäshamn. Within walking distance you reach
the guest harbor, the train, the harbor terminal and Nynäshamns city center.



Passa på att se dig omkring när du bor hos oss, Nynäshamn är en mysig skärgårdsstad där varje säsong har sin egen charm!!