Our hotel in Nynäshamn

On the way into Nynäshamn you will find Skärgårdshotellet in Nynäshamn. No matter if you’re passing through, on a business trip, a weekend trip or arranging a conference, the journey to reach us, as well as your stay and the way back are all parts of the experience. Nynäshamn is a picturesque and historical town by the archipelago, with a waterfront, cliffs, a recreation area, small boutiques, harbor stalls and restaurants.

Take the time to explore the town and surrounding areas during your stay. In pleasant Nynäshamn every season has its own charm. Having an ice-cream by the pier while watching the boats come in is a great way to spend a sunny summers day. Watch the leaves in the Lövhagen recreation area turn into a firework of colour during autumn. In the thick of winter the Christmas market and trying all the classic dishes on the Christmas table is an experience for the whole family. For more inspiration on things to do in Nynäshamn, please ask us about what sights to see and activities to try.

Solig hotellterass med havsutsikt


Strandvägen – Also referred to as ”Ringvägen” by the locals, this road works its way around cliffs and through the forest, offering a stunning view of the horizon on the Baltic Sea. If walking doesn’t interest you, biking and rollerblading is popular as well. As you reach the end of Strandvägen you’ll see Lövhagen’s café and hostel, as well as the longest recreation area in Sweden. In its entirety Strandvägen measures around six kilometres in length.

Lövhagen – This recreation area allows locals and guests to experience the beautiful nature of Nynäshamn year round. You’ll find multiple walking paths and scenic places to stop for a picnic.

Nickstabadet – This family friendly beach offers shallow waters in central Nynäshamn. Enjoy the huge beach with multiple jetties and plenty of grass area for those who aren’t too keen on getting sand between their toes.


Mopedum The Swedish Nostalgia Museum – This vibrant museum shows around 70 vintage mopeds alongside furniture, clothes and much more memorabilia from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Konstpoolen – The building that housed the old baths has been remade into this art gallery, where inspirational art exhibitions are combined with events that let the music flow.

Godsmagasinet – This charming wooden building can be found between the ferry terminal and the guest harbour. Inside both art and different kinds of crafts are on display.


The harbor stalls – Hosting tiny shops and hole-in-the-wall style places to eat, these red stalls have that essential air of the archipelago about them. You’ll find them in the fishing port, a pleasant place for a walk. Experience local crafts and find memorable souvenirs.

All the harbor stalls are open during the summer months (June-August) and some stay open year round.

Nynäs Rökeri – This smokehouse offers newly smoked fish in a charming, old fashioned environment. Take your pick between fresh and smoked shrimp, salmon, mackerel and the smokehouses very own pickled herring and Baltic herring.

Chokladhuset – This ”House of Chocolate” delivered their goodies to Nobel Night Cap, the after party of the Nobel Prize dinner, during 2006-2012. Pralines, chocolate biscuits, marmalade, chocolate cookies, marzipan bread, chocolate lollipops, hot chocolate, meringues, cakes and much more can be found in their shop. All of it made lovingly by hand from the best ingredients.

Rappes – Offering a great mix of women’s fashion, this shop handpicks its selection with the mature woman in mind.

Märkesreturen – This vintage shop offers branded clothing and shoes for women, men and children.

Health & Beauty

Havsbrisen – This little salon offers medical foot care as well as spa and massage treatments for tired feet and lower legs.