Conferences in the archipelago

Where the sea sooths and expands the mind is the best place for productive meetings

Take a break from the buzzling life of the big city in our calming seaside location, just 40 minutes away from Stockholms Centralstation. We offer six conference facilities in varying sizes, for small meetings and larger gatherings. Service and quality are very important factors for us and we try to accommodate to every need.

Skärgårdshotellet gives you a friendly welcome and provides you, the guest, with our undivided attention. We provide a tailor made set up for your meeting, in line with your needs and wishes. Our goal is that you’ll get the best possible outcome.

Choose a conference room that suits what you want to accomplish. Maybe that’s reaching vital decisions, hosting a creative work shop, board meetings, courses, a fun event or the company kick-off. Book your next business conference at our conference hotel in Nynäshamn, please get in touch with us for more information about our services. You can reach us by calling +46 (8) 520-111 20 or sending an email to

“We provide you with everything you need for a successful conference, where relaxation is combined with effective outlining of business strategies”

Conference rooms

Skärgårdshotellet in Nynäshamn offers a choice between six meeting rooms in a relaxing and calming setting by the archipelago. Our biggest room can fit up to 90 people for a theatre seating and our smaller rooms are made perfect for smaller gatherings with around ten people attending. They can of course be redecorated to fit your specific wishes and needs. The conference rooms get a lot of natural light and have access to an outside terrace and lounge. Of course there is excellent technical equipment ready to use.

Below on this page you will find a detailed description of our meeting rooms. Book inspiring conference facilities with us for your next kick-off, event or meeting in the archipelago. We provide everything you might need for a successful day.

If you’re interested in hearing a bit more about our opportunities for conferences in the archipelago, please get in touch by calling +46 (8) 520-111 20 or emailing

Dekorativa båtdelar pryder väggen

Conference Room Gäddan

Gäddan is where we host out biggest conferences such as courses, lectures and meetings. The space can be redecorated according to your wishes. 

  • Size: 105 m2
  • Boardroom seating capacity: 40 people
  • Classroom seating capacity: 65 people
  • Theatre seating capacity: 90 people
  • Technical equipment: Two projectors, one regular and one for displaying images directly on the white board. Speaker system and microphone. 

A private lounge measuring 42 m2 in connection to the Vassen room.


_DSC0781 gaddan-biosittning _DSC0703-medium _DSC0762-medium

Conference Room Truten

We redecorate the Truten room according to your wishes. In addition to office type furniture you will be provided with a comfortable lounge corner with a sofa, armchairs and a table. The room accommodates to all types of meetings and fits up to 65 people for a theatre seating

  • Size: 72 m2
  • Boardroom seating capacity: 30 people
  • Classroom seating capacity: 45 people
  • Theatre seating capacity: 65 people
  • Technical equipment: One projector with audio capability. 
truten-u-sittning-2 truten-u-sittning-3

Conference Room Tärnan

This room is perfect for smaller groups of up to 10 people. Use this space to discuss important decisions and shape the future of your business in our inspiring setting by the archipelago. There won’t be any distractions in our calming and relaxing spaces. 

  • Size: 18 m2
  • Boardroom seating capability: 10 people
Tarnan-1-medium Tarnan-medium

Conference Room Måsen

Just like Tärnan, this lovely room is a great space for hosting meetings of up to 10 people. Bring the discussions out to the beautiful and calming area by the archipelago and move your company forward. In our calming and relaxing conference facilities there will be no distractions. 

  • Size: 18 m2
  • Boardroom seating capacity: 10 people
Masen-2-medium Masen-medium

Conference Room Kabyssen

Our third room for small gatherings of up to 10 people is called Kabyssen. Host a meeting in this lovely space by the archipelago and get a chance to make important decisions for the future of your business. With our dedicated service and tranquil surroundings there will be no distractions.  

  • Size: 18 m2
  • Boardroom seating capacity: 10 people

Conference Room Vassen

The newly renovated Vassen room offers the perfect setting for creative meetings and gatherings by the archipelago. Vassen is the ideal space for meetings over coffee, mingling as well as conferences. Take a seat and absorb the beautiful feel of the space, where a piece of the archipelago has been brought in with the help of well selected materials, furniture and colour tones. Enjoy delightful food and drinks in good company. At Skärgårdshotellet we try to cater to every need, enabling you to relax and just “be”. 

  • Size: 54 m2
  • Creative seating capacity: 30 people
  • Boardroom seating capacity: 30 people
  • U-shaped seating capacity: 30 people
  • Technical equipment: One projector
vassen vassen-2-medium vassen-3

Our Dining Room

Make yourself at home in our welcoming dining room, where delicious meals are always on offer. Absorb the atmosphere and let your dining experience at Skärgårdshotellet in Nynäshamn become a fond memory. This is the perfect way to open or round up your meeting. 

With room for up to 90 people we host everything from delightful dinners and lunch meetings to parties where lots of laughs and interesting conversations are had. Start or finish your meal with a drink in the lobby. 

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